Close Down Useless Stat Boards Like Science Centre Singapore

Looking at the way Singapore Government spends its money, I think there is a lot of room for improvement. There are many statutory boards that can be privatised and should belong to the private sector,such as Science Centre Singapore. Science centre singapore is a statutory board under MOE. Their annual report can also be found at .

Look at pg 7 of their report. They got approximately 70 million dollars of grants from the govt in the past 2 FYs under operating grants from govt and grants from other govt agencies. Cant this 70million dollars be used more prudently for other uses like building better school infrastructure or healthcare, building more ICU units? And poor taxpayers money have been used to upkeep the science centre from since 1978. Dunno how much money has been wasted.

In fact, staff costs is the largest expenditure for a staff strength of around 200 people, so it means the staff are overpaid when the money can be put to better use, like building better education facilities and healthcare infrastructure.

Who actually goes to the Science centre nowadays? With the sophiscated equipment in schools and so many other educational service providers and Art Science Museum, do we still need a science centre? Comparing the exhibits of Art Science museum and science centre singapore, the exhibits of Art Science Musemum are much better, and Art Science Museum is privately funded. So to increase the quality of exhibits in science centre, we should make science centre Singapore private and cut government funding to them. This will put spurs in their hides and make them work better.

Loyal ASS Reader John H

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