Covid19: ST Engineering Assembly Operators Allegedly Handled Surgical Masks Without Wearing Gloves

Minister for Trade and Industry (MTI) Chan Chun Sing recently updated on his Facebook about Singapore's face mask strategies. He wrote that Singapore has been building up its local production capabilities and also securing raw materials for its production.

This Facebook post included photographs of Chan Chun Sing visiting ST Engineering's mask production facility in Feburary 2020. This assembly line makes the first locally-produced surgical mask.

However some sharp-eyed netizens noticed the photographs captured a few assembly line operators without gloves. If the freshly-produced face masks were handled by operators without gloves, are they still hygienic enough to be used?

Another interesting point is Chan Chun Sing also said these ST Engineering mask producing machines had "arrived back". Some media outlets earlier reported about ST Engineering relocating its production lines from Taiwan. Could these be the same machines that are allegedly linked to Ho Ching responding "Errrr" when Taiwan announced it will be donating masks to Singapore?

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