Covid19: Building Control Authority Should Disallow Payment Of Fines Using MCST Funds

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

According to the media, four residents were fined on 20 April 2020 for not practising safe distancing in their condominiums and a management corporation (MCST) for not closing its common facilities. In this instance, the residents should know better the consequences of not practising safe distancing.

However, I am concerned over the $1,000 fine imposed on the condominium in Amber Road. Who is responsible for this lapse? Surely, it is the management council which is elected annually to look after the condominium. So should the council be allowed to use the collective maintenance funds from households for payment of the fine when the offence was blatantly committed by the governing Council?

To allow the fine to be paid using the common MCST fund would mean that all the residents in the condominium are guilty of the offence or are they?

The Building Control Authority (BCA) should disallow payment of such fines using MCST funds. In this instance, the management council should fork out the payment from amongst their own council members for their statutory non-compliance.

Surely, all the residents in the whole Amber Rd condominium cannot be held accountable of the offence of not closing the use of common facilities and interalia for not practicing safe distancing rules committed by members of the management council.’

Mr Tan

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