COVID19: “Care Hamper” Delivery Turned Up in Trash Bag

On 4th May, I’ve ordered a for a friend a “Care Hamper” from BoxGreen (website Boxgreen.Co). I was utterly shocked to find out that it was delivered in TRASH bag reminiscence of those packaging for AliExpress dropship products from China! Even the bag was crumpled!

There wasn’t any box inside either, unlike in the pictures on the website. Plus, the bags of nuts were squeezed inside this polymailer.

Also delivery deviated a couple of days from the stipulated delivery date and the company claimed that they have too many orders and they decided to cut the manpower (not sure what kind of logic this is)

Luckily, this was a gift to a good friend who is forgiving. Imagine the embarrassment if I were to order this care kit for my clients!

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