COVID19: Ang Moh Roller-Skiing on Road in CBD During CB

If you recall, some time in January, a Caucasian man was seen skiing on the road in the CBD area. Netizens questioned if it posed a danger to motorists but there was no news of any warning given to him. Now, we are seeing an ang moh again in the CBD once again doing a "roller-skiing" workout, presumably due to emptier road conditions during the circuit breaker.

From the video taken in the vicinity of Lau Pa Sat, it seems however that there is still quite some traffic on the roads. The roads in the CBD are not that empty despite the circuit breaker and the man can be seen skiing in between buses and cars. 

Apparently, roller-skiing is a sport popular in Europe where wheels are fitted onto ski boards so that the skier can ski without snow. 

Sport or not, it may be risky to do it on Singapore's busy roads. Why not do it somewhere else like in parks or do a different sport altogether? 

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