COVID19: Scoot Cabin Crew Seen Throwing Singapore Passport Was Doing #DontRushChallenge

A Scoot cabin crew member, who is also a TikTok user, came into the spotlight when she was seen throwing a Singapore passport at the end of a clip she posted on her account a few days ago. She has since removed the Tiktok video due to an outpouring of negative comments.
It turns out that the clip was one part of a video, posted on 3 May, for the #DontRushChallenge for the Scoot crew where individual clips are stitched together. Participants of the #DontRushChallenge can take their time to do their makeup and get dressed. They then throw the makeup brush or in this case, passport, to the next person like as if they are passing the baton. After the Scoot air stewardess threw the Singapore passport, another crew member catches it.
Seems like something they had time to create during the circuit breaker because you know, life as a cabin crew member during the no-fly covid19 pandemic can be quite boring.

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