PAP Mole Sabotages Progress Singapore Party With Anonymous Video Alleging Fellow Members of Being Proxies of Foreign Powers

With the elections looming, the PAP once again has resorted to using dirty tactics to undermine the opposition parties – this time their target is Dr Tan Cheng Bock's Progress Singapore Party. 

Few days back an Anonymous video was circulating on social media which claims that the party has been infiltrated by foreign proxies. The video also named several PSP members and claimed that they are disrupting PSP from helming the next stage of Singapore:

Khush Chopra

Ravi Philemon

Jan Chan

Augustin Lee

Kumaran Pillai 

Michael Chua

Anthony Lee

Dexter Lee

Wendy Low

Hani Mohamed

They are said to be working with SPP's Jose Raymond and academic historian Thum Ping Tjin.

After police reports were made and PSP did their own internal investigation, they found out that the person who created and spread the video was their own party member Daniel Teo Weilong, and that there is no truth to his allegations. According to party insiders, this member is a PAP mole.

Daniel could have been a potential candidate as he was last seen at a walkabout in Choa Chu Kang GRC. However, he has since been expelled by Dr Tan from the party. Luckily this PAP mole was found out before the GE, and he can now do no more harm to Dr Tan and PSP. However, if there is 1 mole in the party, it will not be surprising if more PAP moles have infiltrated PSP or even other opposition parties.


This incident only reveals that the PAP must be so scared of PSP that they have resorted to such underhand means in order to prevent Dr Tan from getting a foothold into parliament. It is ironic that a party that wears white and pretends to be so clean and pure, is actually so dirty and smelly.

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