Nanyang Academics Agent Cheated Parent By Quoting Higher Tuition Fees Than What Tutor Charged

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Recently, I engaged a tuition agent, Nanyang Academics. 
The terms of payment for the agency fee is first 2 lessons’ fees, and balance 2 lessons I pay directly to tutor. This agent however was totally dishonest. Although the tutor already informed the agent before commencement of first lesson that his charges are $60 per lesson (1.5hr lesson) during CB period of online learning & his hourly charge will commence only after CB ends with face to face tuition, but the agent instead told me it’s $60 p/hr. 
Although there is a group chat set up before first lesson, it’s really strange the agent did not tell me about the tutor’s charges in that chat but chose to PM me separately. Had he done so, the tutor would have notified him about the discrepancy in the fees or his so called ‘misunderstanding’ of the tutor’s charges. 
I believe why the agent PM me separately is bcoz he intends to bill me a different fee than what the tutor is charging. So in good faith, I paid the agent 2 lessons’ fee based on $60/hr. So when I want to pay the balance 2 lessons to the tutor, tutor told me the amount I’m paying him is too high since he’s only charging $60/lesson. 
I was shocked and asked for refund of $60 (amt that I overpaid) from the agent but he repeatedly say his company has always been charging per hour but the payment terms he had messaged me is clearly stated – agent fee is first 2 lessons (not by hour). 
When a tutor decides to lower his fees right at first lesson due to CB, the agent MUST HONOUR the payment terms they set out to customers in the first place. Means agent must follow exactly to the amount charged by tutor, regardless if tutor will resume face to face charges when CB ends. Otherwise, why does a company set out Terms to have anyone randomly breaching it? It’s bcoz both parties, the company & its customer are bound to terms of a agreement of service & must abide to the terms right?! 
Parents out there please be wary of this type of cheating tuition agents!!
ASS Loyal Reader Anne

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