Covid19: A Day In Online Learning Amid Covid-19

Today I woke up at 7 am. My breakfast was some ham, prawns and leftover mashed potatoes mixed with some herbs, pepper and salt. It felt like something normally reserved for lunch, but a meal is a meal. And the mashed potatoes warmed my heart… warm throat. I was also handed some Omega-3 pills and a small cup of Milo. A shower & a T-shirt with shorts on, I walked downstairs and turned on my computer to anticipate today’s lesson on the magical cocktail that is the “LEO 2.0” platform and Microsoft Teams, basically Skype but more Microsoft.

There came my classmates, all of them muting their microphones and their video feeds. It’s like the 9th day in a row I have used this system. But it’ll never replace the classroom. Where is the drama ? The bustling activity ? Conversations across the campus ? The hyjinks of youth ?! I really can’t wait to get onto campus once this Pandemic ends.

Today’s lecturer, Miss Phoebe greeted us and told us to watch a short skit from SNL regarding acts of Academic dishonesty like Stereotypes, Plagiarism, Confidentiality and Misrepresentation. Right away we were given a rather long worksheet to list what acts they were, what would be the appropriate punishments for it and how to prevent future acts.

Ironically I plagiarized the definition of plagiarism by looking it up Google and paraphrasing it to save me 10 minutes of work and use it for a break when I was done with the worksheet. I mean, I changed the words, so I think it’s technically acceptable ? The couch relaxed my thighs, slightly sore sitting crossed for a bit.

After some time, we had to present our answers for pieces of the worksheet. Mine was “How can stereotypes negatively affect the relations between people”. I said something on the lines of “If fat people believed that they can never be attractive, they would not have enough self confidence to try and start friendships or relationships, making them more lonely”. My teacher gave me a seal of approval and allowed me to take a further break. I went halfway and placed her at the highest volume while listening to her lecture on misleading advertisement.

The glorious words “break for lunch” was uttered out of my laptop. So I went out of the sofa and proceeded to cook a bowl of Maggi Mee with some brocolli and fish balls. Quick, easy and delicious. I used slightly less water to make the soup packed with more flavour. As it boiled, the sound it made was just soothing. You know that you’d be filled up from whatever was in the pot. The three textures of chewy, soft and hard made the meal incredibly satisfying to my brain. As I ate, I watched some random YouTuber playing the video game “Grand Theft Auto Online”. That is undoubtedly one perk of studying at home. It’s your home, which undoubtedly is the most comforting environment to you (for most). This feeling went on for roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes. Quite generous for a lunch break I should say. But then again, we are studying on one lesson a day non-stop.

Sadly, this had to end. We were all called back to class. We were all divided into teams to make some PowerPoint slides to present on why all these 4 things are bad: Plagiarism, Misrepresentation, breaking confidentiality and stereotyping. Luckily for me, I only had to present one slide, still unironically “Plagiarism”. Once we were given a passing mark by a teacher, my team and I excused ourselves to finish the quiz left at the end of the day. I finished it so quickly that I tinkered around some homework due by Vesak day. It was coding a small program named “Turtle” to draw several shapes.

At roughly 5 pm, I am done for the day. I can finally collapse at the sofa behind me and not care on what to do later. Dinner later on was white rice and some braised chicken with heated egg and onion. Retiring for the day, I walked up to the second floor, taking a shower and entering my room in a singlet and a pair of boxers. I alternated between lying on my bed watching videos and tinkering on my laptop playing Grand Theft Auto 4.

Soon it will be midnight. And soon I’ll have to sleep for 7 – 8 hours. For day #10 of Online learning. At least I got my health and Vesak Day is coming up. But how the heck am I going to get vegetarian food in this quarantine ? Someone please grant us a cure of some kind. This is just too foreign a thing for me to start my first year of Polytechnic.

Ass Loyal Reader Justin

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