SDP launched its 4Y1N GE campaign in response to Covid19

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) launched its General Elections (GE) campaign on 28 April 2020. The Covid19 pandemic has changed Singapore’s politico-socio-economic landscape, so the SDP has drawn up 5 focus points to deal with these changes in the immediate and long-terms. These points are covered under their “Four Yes, One No” (4Y1N) campaign.

YES #1: SUSPEND GST – the SDP proposes to cut GST to 0% until the end of 2021 to stimulate the economy recovering from Covid19

YES #2: PAY RETRENCHMENT BENEFITS – the SDP proposes their RESTART (Re-Employment Scheme and Temporary Assistance for the ReTrenched) programme to help workers retrenched during Covid19. Under this programme, the government will pay 75% of the worker’s last drawn salary for first six months, 50% for the next six months, and 25% for the last six months (capped at median wage).

YES #3: PROVIDE INCOME FOR RETIREES – the SDP proposes their Retirement Income Scheme for the Elderly (RISE), where a $500 monthly income will be provided to retirees over age 65. RISE will also reduce the financial burden on the retirees’ children, the sandwiched generation, who have to provide for their own kids and retired parents.

YES #4: PUT PEOPLE FIRST – given how the PAP’s poor performance in handling Covid19, the SDP will ensure the PAP has the people’s interest as its top priority

NO TO 10 MILLION POPULATION – the SDP will stop the PAP from increasing Singapore’s population to 10 million as it will reduce population density, and lower our economy’s over-dependence on a foreign PMETs workforce.

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