Covid19: Route Planner Can Generate Optimal Route for Delivery to Multiple Stops

During the circuit breaker, some of us may have to pick up and deliver food to multiple destinations. This can be time consuming if we don't plan it well and end up taking the longer route. One website, called "MyRouteOnline", can assist with this as it can plan the most optimal route for us so that we can save time.

Usage is free for up to 6 waypoints in 1 trip.

Step 1: key in the addresses in any order

Step 2: Clock on "Set Goals"

Step 3: Click on "Plan my Route". 


For example, if I need to start from Joo Koon MRT and travel to 5 other places:

1) Tanjong Pagar MRT

2) Yishun MRT

3) Changi Airport

4) Buona Vista MRT

5) Yew Tee MRT

I would enter the addresses and select optional parameters:

The map would then generate:

Happy saving time, money and environment!

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