Person Allegedly Linked With Cafe Wild Blooms Insults Reviewers

<Anonymous contribution>

The Facebook (FB) page Wild Blooms apparently received some feedback from customers who did not recommend their cafe. However, a person allegedly linked with the cafe went to insult customers for giving negative feedback on their food.

According to our contributors, the insults were made by a particular person. This person allegedly harassed reviewers by making remarks like vulgarities, calling customers liars or making fun of their writing ability. Following these complaints, Wild Blooms have since disabled their FB review function.

While there are unverified claims that Wei Liang Jun might be the chef, what is known is that he is stated "in a relationship" with the FB profile of the Wild Blooms co-owner.

Our contributors wonder if it is right for any establishment or its linked persons to insult customers in such a manner.

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