Covid19: Singapore Pro-Wrestler Mocks Singaporeans For Exercising

<Reader's Contribution by FuneralGuy>

A local pro-wrestler allegedly mocked Singaporeans of taking up exercise during Circuit Breaker (CB). Our reader wonders if his job as a Fitness advocate and a Personal Trainer, should be to influence/inspire people to start being more active to shed those few pounds? 

"The main reason when people start taking a stroll in a the park or a short jog, may be because they have been coup up all day working from home. Of course, park users have to be socially responsible by putting on a face mask and comply to social distancing when excising out in the park. But the main question is, is it wrong to exercise now after complying to social distancing laws? 

Even though fitness guru jumped onto the fitness bandwagon before local commoners, does that also mean that they can start bashing people trying to make up for the activity level that they miss out before CB? Should everyone just lay on bed and sit all day?

So is he a Fitness Advocate, or a Fitness hypocrite?"

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