Covid19: PAP MP Seah Kian Peng Continues His Walkabout Despite Stricter Circuit Breaker Measures

There are 2 rules in Singapore. One for normal Sinkies, and another for PAP MPs. If not how can you explain why Sinkies are punished so severely for breaking CB measures, but PAP MPs get away scot free?

First we had PAP MP Chia Shi Lu, who went to Alexandra Village Food Center with potential PAP candidate Colonel Eric Chua to supposedly distribute masks to hawkers.


Then PAP issued a statement to say that their members will cease all visits and walkabouts because of Covid19 and social distancing.

But now we still have Seah Kian Peng who also break the rules by going to the market alone, claiming that he is a safe distancing ambassador, even though he never wear the proper Tshirt and still can hashtag #walkabout.

Why are the authorities not taking action against these rule breakers? Is walking the ground now for elections a essential job? Are they so desperate for votes that they will risk the health and safety of ordinary Singaporeans by visiting them without good reason? More importantly, why do the authorities let these MPs get away with flouting the CB rules?

These questions need to be answered, but if we allow the PAP to continue with their 1 party rule, I'm afriad these answers will never be answered but thrown into the rubbish bin.

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