Covid19: Seniors Gather Daily For Freebies At Petir Road Despite Circuit Breaker

<Reader's Contribution by Miss Mathilde>

Between 7-9am between Blocks 137 and 139 Petir Road in Bukit Panjang, several older residents gather daily to collect free food in boxes and free fresh produce from a silver van. They have been doing this for years, even before Circuit Breaker (CB). While waiting for this van to arrive, they gather at the void decks of Blocks 137 and 139 and gossip very noisily so much so that I can hear them from many floors up.

They will surge forward as soon as the van is parked, crowd around the back of the van as soon as the hatch-door there opens, elbow each other out of the way as they hold out empty bags and loudly point and (presumably) demand to be given this, that or the other. This carries on for quite some time about 15 minutes. 

Some have started wearing masks as of 20 April 2020, but many continue not to do so. As you can see, this can so easily become a cluster if just one person among these seniors is an asymptomatic carrier of Covid19.

Despite repeated complaints to Holland-Bukit Timah GRC town council and the proper authorities about the noise pollution, nothing was allegedly done about this situation. These seniors have become more frenetic with their jostling ever since CB began as they scramble to get these freebies. Ever since CB was extended, their behaviour has become worse.

Isn't this concerning? Isn't this a blatant gathering for freebies? Is this an instance of "safe distancing"?

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