Covid19: Malaysian Government Uses Evacomics Artwork Without Singaporean Artist’s Knowledge

Evacomics is a comics series created by Singaporean artist Evangeline Neo. According to her website, she has been drawing webcomics since 2007 and has successfully published four books.

Recently Evacomics drew a several pieces of artwork about the Covid19 situation. Some deal with proper personal hygiene practices, social distancing, healthy activities to do while staying at home.

Unknown to her, one of her artworks on the proper disposal of face masks was used by the Malaysian government. A Malaysian living in Johor Bahru informed Evacomics that the Malaysian government had used her drawings without her knowledge or crediting her.

Her drawings as seen on the packagings of the free face masks


Evangeline Neo has written in to Angkatan Pertahanan Awam (APM) Malaysia Negeri Johor to request that her drawings are credited back to her by inserting "Art by Evacomics". If the APM refuses her request, Evageline wants her artwork removed completely or the APM should instead commission a Malaysian artist to redraw the instructions.


If you refuse, you should remove my artwork completely or commission a Malaysian artist to redraw the


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