Covid19: Covid-19 infecting all, except our dead hearts

You know, when you’re stuck in your own home with little to do for entertainment, in most situations people would find an activity to pursue which they would never think about under normal circumstances. In my case, it was extensively snooping around the Social Media arena to gauge the well-being of society as a whole under this Pandemic. Rather than obtaining a slightly positive conclusion of us being able to lend another hand to your fellow man in times of crisis, what I found instead was sheer ugliness within the social fabric of this country I call home.

Not to disregard the truly warming stories like a guy stopping to clap on the streets, presumably to cheer on the essential workers. But the simple fact that these small and rare acts of kindness are made viral through our news networks and social medias is alarming. Compare such stories to the amount of Facebook videos, blogs and other kinds of commentary pointing out more grotesque activity towards other people.

People screaming at delivery people for being slightly late, entitled members of society berating on their Facebook handles to demean the less fortunate asking for more help by accusing them of being entitled. People playing tug-of-war with the last packs of their coveted grocery item. Under normal circumstances, these faults within our collective behavior would be easily overlooked, perceived as a normality rather than a disturbing phenomenon. But now with work shuttering down, restaurants closed and parks deserted, such acts of general societal disharmony have increased to an extent so shocking that it would place our status as a first world nation at serious scrutiny.

I understand that telling people how they should act is not really positive, maybe an act of hypocrisy I just committed as it is a form of insult. But surely it is not much to ask people to refrain from treating service workers like a slave or even subhuman? Their work is literally among several that is keeping the existence of this country as a solvent nation, cut them some slack for making a few mistakes among a sudden flood of demand. As the old saying goes “Do to others as you have them do to you”. If you act vulgar, do not act surprised when they act similarly.

I would like to thank service workers as the heroes we don’t deserve, but desperately need. And again, if you would like to lend a hand in this time of crisis, go along and join the deliverymen, packers or other essential service workers if you are bodily able. I had and I didn’t regret it. When this illness dissipates, we all may have to go from the doctor to the psychologist. We have overlooked this issue for too long and for the sake of society, we have to learn how to be less harsh against each other.

ASS Loyal Reader Justin

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