[Exclusive] GrabFood Rider In Dispute With Burger King Employee Shows His Side Of The Story

On 22 April 2020, All Singapore Stuff posted a video of Burger King staff challenged GrabFood rider. R.L. has since given us more details of his story. His account is published in full:

Hi this happen at BK @amk hub, when I reach there seeing all the phone on the table, I knew something was wrong, I decide to cancel but grab call center was busy so I decided to take a photo n report using their online help center.

but the guys in the photo became agitated asking y I take his and shouting at me, so I reply I'm only taking the phone if u want to be out of pic I can retake, instead he became out of control and got into argument after challenging me to a fight, eventually after he can out that was when I start to video records him to protect myself as in Singapore 1 party beat another is VCH voluntary causing hurt, but if I fight back is not self defense is affray, I'm not an angel but I dun let ppl look down on me or insult me or vent his anger onto me!!!!

After he even challenge me to viral him, and eventually he hit onto my hand with injuries, my old wound somehow crack open again, eventually police came and he will be charge under VCH, every1 is stress, but pls don't insult rider, the handling or approach can be better.

An example was i'm waiting for a fruit juice for 40min Ytd night, the boss apologize after waiting 15min and offer me a slice of water melon, I din accept it initially but he reply tmr also can't sell le then I accept, the approach is very important from my point of view.


If wanna compare stress im sure his is nothing compare to mine, before this covid saga im staying in jb as i had some issue with hdb and my wife is a foreigner so cant buy or rent, i also have a 16 month old son, baby gal due end april to 1st week may, i have already sent wife n son back to her parent on Jan as i worried i might pass to them if i kena covid 19.

Since 18 mar I'm slping in my car cause of msia lock down, slogging 16 hr a day, rest/slp 4 hr a day, and shower and wash up at my uncle place at 10am-12NM daily and 12noon-4am is my working hours daily, i wake up at 8am+ daily cos too hot to slp, den relax till 9+ drive to my uncle place shower.

Since ytd I'm having sore throat, seeing doctor tmr but I still need to work, not asking for sympathy but just need u guys be netrual and report y I take the video, he challenge me for a fight after I took a photo of the wrong SOP by them for taking order, the video start only when he really came out wanted to fight me so of course I say come la, all is recorded, u dare to lay a hand it will be a criminal offense.

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