Covid19: If the Govt Took Drastic Measures To Deal With Virus Earlier, We Would Still Be Having Bubble Tea

If you think the majority of our economy shuttering down is unprecedented, yesterday would shock you entirely to the core. Yesterday by Prime Ministerial decree, people are only allowed to enter some wet markets depending on the last digit of your IC number. Businesses remained open are subjected to extremely strict health guidelines. But worst of all, the amount of businesses deemed “essential” has been cut to lower public transport utilization to 15 %. The list of businesses to close include pet stores, hair salons, factories for all the salty and sugary treats, literally everything in a park and Food & Beverage outlets that sell only drinks, packaged snacks, confectioneries or desserts.

Wait a minute… But that means… NO MORE BUBBLE TEA. Wow… the situation must be incredibly dire to severely limit the food options of this country more than closing all dine-in eating. This just makes me more scared of our domestic situation. But it is also getting me more distrustful of the lightning party. They would argue that only under their iron hand we would go through this crisis, but the same could be said for literally anyone in any crisis with enough time and patience given by the people. And if they had taken advantage of the buffer period of January to March where they had little infection and more time to take more drastic measures, we wouldn’t be in this sort of crisis.

This clearly is no excuse. At the bare minimum once this virus is over, we will need to take a hard look at the way we are governed and ask “Will they be prepared for the next pandemic out of concern for us regular people or solely to maintain economic and political stability ?”

But then LHL might be planning all us adults a quick trip to the ballot box. As much as I’d like to see people exercise their democracy, I don’t want people to unnecessarily suffer two weeks of quarantine or the risk of death for it. Until this crisis is resolved, I pray to whatever god there is above that I am able to obtain the ingredients to make Thai, Hong Kee, Taiwanese or even local milk tea. I can sacrifice the pearls, but I must have my tea somehow!

ASS Loyal Reader Justin

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