Covid19: Taman Jurong Residents Get Hotel Stay While Migrant Workers Get HDB Stay

Taman Jurong residents packed their bags for a free hotel stay at nearby Genting hotel from 7 April until the end of the circuit breaker. Migrant workers, on the other hand, moved into vacant HDB units in their blocks. HDB said this is to protect the residents and enforce safe distancing while workers await swab test results.

Doesn’t sound too bad a deal, right? Hotel stay for one and HDB stay for the other, like a double upgrade.

However, residents had to pack at short notice and it is an inconvenience to them to leave their comfortable homes. At the same time, the migrant workers also had to shift. Instead of shifting two groups of people, wouldn’t it have been more convenient to just shift one group? Migrant workers put up at the hotel while residents stay put?

Residents won’t jelly migrant workers stay in hotel right?

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