Covid19: Govt Should Spend More On Fighting Actual Virus, Not On Silly Comic Campaigns Virus Vanguard

In case you didn’t knew, Singapore had a team of heroes that was supposed to keep our morale high against the evil “Corona-chan”, a fantasized version of the Covid-19 outbreak dressed up as a Chinese beer lady. Emphasis on “had” here. The moment they revealed themselves to the world, a big old villain killed them dead in their tracks. But it was not the Coronavirus that killed them, but the very public they’re supposed to protect. So what exactly went wrong here ?

Don’t get me wrong, government sponsored content if done correctly can help raise the morale of the people. But being our government, they did it in a manner so out of touch with the common man that it immediately got condemnation from every kaypoh online. As it should. I mean “Fake News Buster” is clearly POFMA trying to rebrand himself as a force for security and totally not undermining the limited freedom of speech in this country. Then there’s “Circuit Breaker”, the only hero named after a policy that has left thousands of foreign workers screwed over as they’re infected through their packed dormitories. “Doctor Disinfector” clearly hasn’t being doing her job well enough with the staggering 9000 people infected at the moment and what the hell is “Care-leh Dee” going to do to save us ?

To top the cherry on top, the wordplay regarding it’s leader “Mawa Man” or “Must Always Walk Alone” Man. Whoever came up with the idea clearly underestimated the devotion Liverpool fans have. As a Gunner myself this just disgusts me. It’s a government-sponsored candy coated propaganda piece dumping on my favorite Soccer team. What more do I need to say on that ?! Not trying to incite a war against Man United fans, just don’t fire any more shots against us in this time of crisis.

In case you want to give them the benefit of the doubt for this, this is the SECOND time they tried this. In February the Ministry of Education made mascots dubbed the “Soaper 5”. This promptly made my cousin Xavier storm out of school through sheer frustration. To end this, I quote fellow netizen Colin Lim who posted “Here’s a suggestion: stop spending unnecessary resources on such cringe-worthy campaigns”. Yes, yes they bloody should.

ASS Loyal Reader Justin

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