Politician Lim Tean To Challenge POFMA Over Post On Ho Ching Salary

On 19 April 2020 the POFMA office said "several online posts" had made false statements that Temasek Holdings Chief Executive Ho Ching had an annual salary of "around S$100 million". Sovereign Wealth Fund Temasek later disclosed that Ho Ching was not among its top five highest paid executives.

Minister of Finance (MOF) Heng Swee Keat instructed four correction directions to be issued. Those four affected are The Online Citizen, People's Voice Party (PVP) chief Lim Tean for “sharing the falsehood on his Facebook page”, HardwareZone user “darksiedluv”, and Facebook (FB) page "The Temasek Review".

The speculated S$100 million salary was initially made by a Taiwanese talk show. However it seems that the interesting part is no correction direction was issued to the Taiwan media outlet.

Politician Lim Tean has shared that he will be challenging this latest POFMA. He questions the basis of using POFMA over an article when the truth or real information is not revealed. His view is that POFMA is being used to silence PAP critics and free speech. He hopes that in the coming General Elections, Singaporeans will vote for Members of Parliament (MPs) who will insist on true transparency and accountability in all levels of the Singapore government and our sovereign wealth fund.

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