Covid19: Ho Ching Says Singaporeans’ Living Habits No Different From Foreign Workers’

Ho Ching has taken to Facebook to comment on last week's Zaobao forum letter that blamed migrant workers' bad hygiene habits for the spike in Covid19 cases. She said that Singaporeans living with their families are like foreign workers living in dormitories:


"Migrant workers live in dorms like a big family too, no different from you and me living in close proximity with our family.

They have facilities for games, they have common TV room; they share kitchens and bathrooms.

So the dorm cluster is very similar to family clusters, except this an extended family of hundreds and thousands.

Think about it".


She then asked Singaporeans to reflect on their own living habits:


"Think about it.

Do we scrub down our kitchen every day, or after every meal?

We don't.

Do we use a soapy dish cloth to wipe down every surface before and after meals, before we wipe off the detergent with a clean wet cloth?

We don't.

We simply wipe off the kitchen counter tops with a wet cloth".


In other words, she is saying that Singaporeans are actually not as "clean" as we think we are. Let's take a look at examples of how Singaporeans dump their rubbish V.S. foreign workers at dorms:

Garbage in HDB estates


Garbage in dormitory


Singaporeans and foreign workers same same? Do you agree with Madam Ho that Singaporeans are quite unhygienic too?

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