Covid19: A Millennial’s Advice On How To Cope With CB At Home

With nothing to do, there seems nothing better than bingeing on your favourite Netflix or YouTube series. But doing that alone would seem mundane. To mix things up, now is a good time to play that video game you didn’t had time before or a hobby like home cooking, living room exercise or those dance challenges on TikTok. With limited space, a slightly limited budget and ample time, if there is a skill you can pick up at home, now is the time to do it. Learn your mother tongue slightly better, learn the basics of whatever instruments lying around, finally clean out your room or storage room of clothes that do not fit you or items you find redundant. Something to do is better than nothing.

Of course, this does not mean it is all fun and games. White collar workers and students alike with a computer have access to “work at home” resources like “Zoom”, “Microsoft Teams” and so on. While it is vital in ensuring a global competitive edge does not entirely fade, there have been a few faults using it. Admittedly these resources have been used in small scales previously, but to suddenly implement their usage among tens of thousands at once, some people get left behind because they didn’t signed into the live stream at the right moment, the volume is too soft, gimmicky resolution, etc. It is with hope that within time, these bouts of human error can be resolved.

There are also some other things to point out other than wash hands, wear face masks or try to be at least one metre away strangers in public. Please do not panic buy supplies. We still have plenty of canned, frozen, and packaged food. There may be some fresh produce like lemons or your favourite green vegetable running dry. But just buy what you would need for a week at a time and it would relax the stress on our food.

If you still insist on taking some form of labour as a coping. I highly recommend taking up a job as a packer in a warehouse, temperature scanner or even a deliveryman. This kind of work may be physically demanding and you may be replaced if you aren’t efficient enough, but it earns a bit extra money to go through these dark times and you’d be doing a service to keep the public tension down.

Just hang in there. After all, the Sun does not rise. It is always in the sky, waiting for the day to be seen.

ASS Loyal Reader Justin

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