Covid19: Straits Times Edited The Confirmed Coronavirus Cases For 17 April 2020

On 17 April 2020 the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced 623 confirmed Covid19 cases in Singapore as of 12pm. This meant the total number of coronavirus cases was over 5,050.

However the more interesting part was many netizens pointing out how Straits Times (ST) had edited its article. According to various screenshots, the same ST article had contradicting information about Singapore having 5,050 and also 5,573 confirmed cases.

If Singapore really had 5,573 cases yesterday, it would mean that Singapore might have seen a record-high spike of 1,146 Covid19 cases. Note, the total cases on 16 April 2020 was 4,427.

Apparently there were online whispers of 1,146 Covid19 cases on 17 April 2020 even before the official MOH press statement. This led to many speculating if there is an insider leaking data, and forcing MOH to change its figures last minute against this embarrassment.

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