Covid19: Ho Ching Tells Sinkies to Stop Yelping Like A Spoilt Kid!

After admitting that the 4G leadership made mistakes in handling the Covid19 situation, she now turns her aim at Singaporeans to scold them for complaining about NTUC service fees for online delivery.

NTUC is now imposing a $3.99 service fee on top of delivery charges to cope with the increased costs of packing, handling and delivering online grocery orders.

Currently, many Singaporeans have lost at least partially part of their income due to this virus. Many are finding it difficult to cope financially and NTUC is still capitalising on this stay home situation to charge us more money for delivery! Of course many Singaporeans are upset by this new charge!

Ho Ching still has the cheek to ask people who “wishes to have delivery for free, to please step up and volunteer to do delivery for the rest of us.” She goes on to tell them to “stop yelping like a spoilt kid wanting more and more without putting in any effort to help others.”

It is NOT that sinkies want more and more things, we just don’t want to be robbed blind by a so-called union that names itself fairprice when the prices are so unfairly imposed on us!

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