Social Distancing And Retaining 890,400 Foreign Workers Is Self Contradictory Objectives

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the contributor and do not reflect the views or position of All Singapore Stuff.

Singapore is already tiny and over-congested. Yet the gahmen encourages companies to keep the 890,400* Work Permit and S-Pass workers by offering levy waiver. Then now our SAF, SPF, MOM officers being used as butlers, security and food servers to these foreign workforce.

Then the gahmen want to practice ‘social distancing’. Keeping the foreign workforce and maintaining social distancing are mutually exclusive ideas. The PAP ideal is an impossible outcome. It is either more people in our island, or people spread further apart.

We must immediately send as many foreigners home as possible to their hometown where landspace is wider. We cannot have our cake and also eat it as well.

*Contributor derived these figures from CNA article “Singapore’s population grows to 5.7 million, boosted by increase in foreign workers”

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