Frustrated Residents in Ang Mo Kio Cannot WFH, HBL, Because of Inconsiderate Neighbour’s Noise Pollution

Residents at Blk 116 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 have been suffering from noise pollution coming from a unit on the 3rd floor, and with the circuit breaker measures in place, it has become even more frustrating as many now have to work or study from home.

Everyday from 11am to 11pm daily, that unit will blast extremely loud music disturbing the entire block. It is so loud that it is stressing out a resident who is a single parent with a young infant, and the noise keeps waking up the baby. Our loyal reader went down to visit that unit and it was so loud that he can actually feel the vibration of the bass.

Many police reports have been made but it has been useless because once the police leaves, the culprit will blast his bass music and wreck havoc again. Residents are now at their wits end and have posted up a notice to warn the culprit to stop, but he still continues.

In this time period, we hope that people will become more considerate of others living around them because everyone is now staying at home. Don’t be a CB during this CB period.

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