Covid 19: AMK Town Council & NEA Continue to Turn a Blind Eye Against Bird Feeders Who Litter Estate

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With the virus going around, and circuit breaker, people at Hougang Ave 8 are still going around to do funny things like feed birds.

This unhygienic practice of feeding birds and littering food waste all over the estate has been going on for more than 4 years now, and even with the virus, where people should keep clean, the culprit still continues to feed the birds. I even have proof!



It is an offence to feed birds. They will dirty the environment with droppings, and leftover food from pigeon feeding may attract other pests like rats, which carry diseases and pose a risk to our health.

I have sent countless feedbacks to NEA, Ang Mo Kio Town Council, and my MP Darryl David. They give half-past-six reply say cannot find the culprit when they all know who is the culprit but they don't care. Ang Mo Kio GRC is PM Lee ward but they also don't care! They also say cannot find any evidence got people feed birds when the entire estate know it's going on for years!

I am so frustrated and tired of all these useless MPs sleeping on the job. I want NEA, AVA, AMK Town Council to do their jobs and deal with this problem before it gets worst!

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