Snip Avenue Raises Cost Of Haircut

A reader informed that Snip Avenue has increased the prices of its haircut services. A usual hair cut previously cost $3.80, but it appears haircuts are now priced at $6.80. Other Snip Avenue branches had reportedly followed suit and upped their pricing to $6.80.

Despite an almost 80% increase, $6.80 spent at Snip Avenue may be considered reasonable compared to other salons. However, our reader questioned the rationale for this price increase.

Budget 2020 will be providing financial aid for companies to sustain their businesses during COVID-19. Plus all hair salons across Singapore also face a drop in revenue, but have they increased their pricing?

If COVID-19 is used to justify price increases for other businesses, there is concern this may start a trend of consumers bearing more costs in these hard times.

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