Ravi Philemon Exposes Hypocrisy Of Certain Politicians Doing Walkabouts During Circuit Breaker

A PAP MP and potential candidate were recently seen attempting to score political points by doing walkabouts despite Circuit Breaker. However political veteran Ravi Philemon showed the hypocrisy of certain politicians in a recent Facebook post.

Ravi Philemon featured a screenshot of a selfless community activist, who continued with charitable deeds in a discreet and caring manner. The screenshot revealed how community activists buy and drop off groceries at ungodly hours, just to avoid physical contact with the vulnerable during this pandemic.

Ravi Philemon rightly pointed out how politicians should protect community safety, and not think about winning an election. Volunteers and residents should not be unnecessarily exposed doing walkabouts in places like hawker centres in the guise of distributing masks or aid programme advice.

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