Prices of Groceries at NTUC Fairprice Not So Fair Lately

Not sure if anyone notice. NTUC groceries price seems to have gone up by about 20%. Many fresh produce usually one offer or 1 for 1 seems to have disappear. All these happened right after the new announcement that we have to be prepared that food supplies disruption.

The whole food supply chain has not been disrupted and the only potential cost of goods increase will be manpower cost and freight. Note that there is rental rebate in these few months. So that should be subsidised.

Alternatively, Prime and Sheng Shiong supermarket seems unchanged and offers are still going on. Not forgetting the dry and wet market. Have we forgotten all these places where we can get our groceries?

Isn’t this the best time to support small business owners and keep them alive? Take this CB period, get a little inconvenient and walk a little more to get your stuffs.

If you notice or this is worth a thought. Please share and start buying from different source. Support local small businesses too!

Loyal ASS reader Ed

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