Singapore PM’s Wife Ho Ching Strains Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan Over Masks Donation

Taiwanese media recently announced that Taiwan will be donating face masks to several countries, one of which is Singapore. The Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) also shared that initial discussions with Singapore authorities had been positive. Two mask production lines in Taiwan had also reportedly been shifted back to Singapore by our government.

However, Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, stirred controversy over this news. In response to the Taiwanese news article about face masks being donated to Singapore, she simply wrote “Errrr…” on Facebook.

Many Taiwanese netizens expressed their anger and unhappiness with Ho Ching’s comment. There were comments demanding Ho Ching to explain the meaning of her post. Some even said that Singapore can reject Taiwan’s donation offer instead of making such unhelpful remarks.

Faced with such online backlash, keen-eyed netizens noticed that Ho Ching had quietly deleted this controversial Facebook post. There was no official word on why the post was removed.

Despite this backlash, Taiwan may still be discussing its donation to Singapore. Taiwan’s MFA has since declared that its bilateral policies with Singapore will not be influenced by statements made by individuals regardless of their position.

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