PAP MP Chia Shi-Lu Accused Of Breaking Circuit Breaker Rules

On 12 April, Tanjong Pagar GRC MP Dr Chia Shi-Lu posted Facebook photos showing him and others going around Alexandra Village Food Centre. The PAP MP wrote that he was there in Bukit Merah to distribute reusable face masks to hawkers. Chia Shi-Lu also implied he chatted with hawkers, by sharing with them various financial support schemes to overcome COVID-19.

Many netizens have accused Chia Shi-Lu of breaching Circuit Breaker (CD) social distancing safety measures by interacting with people outside of his household. Moreover he seemed to be moving around for non-essential activities.

Numerous opposition political candidates have also criticised Chia Shi-Lu’s actions as a political walkabout. According to state media, Chia Shi-Lu was accompanied by the Director of SGSecure Programme Office, SCDF Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Chua Swee Leong. Eric Chua might be PAP’s potential candidate, who has recently been active in Queenstown.

Now the question remains if he or his entourage will give an explanation for these potential CB breaches.

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