SGUnited Evangelists Helping PAP With Its Ruse By Muting Criticism

Minister of Manpower Josephine Teo recently told Singaporeans to stop all complaining and get behind the government. She claimed that the (PAP) politicians are already working so hard, and they may get demoralised by all these finger-pointing.

Netizens have observed that during this Circuit Breaker (CB) period, everyday people who are SGUnited evangelists have unknowingly been brainwashed into “PAP goons”. These SGUnited evangelists have started to blindly echo the PAP in trying to mute criticism against how COVID19 has been handled in Singapore.

By shutting out criticism, the SGUnited evangelists are actually helping the PAP with its ruse. The imagery about its perfect regulations, its policy-makers are absolved of all blame, and no hard questions should be asked of them. Criticism by civil society will play an even more important role during this CB period, such as calling out the million-dollar politicians’ tactics to divert attention away from the gaps in society.

Now with the government propaganda machine showing signs of an upcoming General Election this year, will these SGUnited evangelists eventually be made used of to echo the call for an election?

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