COVID19 Is Not The Reason To Vote For Or Against The PAP

I don’t think anyone should say, ‘let’s vote against PAP, for their handling of the Covid crisis’, because there are so many more things to vote against PAP for.

Even if they launch the elections now.

Just as I am against PAP supporters saying “the govt is doing so well in the Covid crisis – let’s vote for it”, similarly I am going to put down Opp supporters saying “the PAP is doing badly for Covid-19, let’s vote it out”.

These are very simplistic arguments that help PAP. Yes.

Why do I say so? Because, let me put it this way, SO WHAT if the PAP is doing an excellent job containing the Covid virus?

If the DPP supporters were to say “let’s vote Tsai Ing-wen again for handling the Covid pandemic well”, they probably will need to apologise, and they know it is a stupid way of garnering support for her, or her party.

In Singapore, ladies and gentlemen, there are a thousand more reasons to vote PAP out, and I would not even list Covid-19 as one of them.

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