How Many Set Of Brakes Does The Government Need To Tackle COVID19?

In a case like Covid-19, there should never have been another set of brakes. Instead, there is only one and only one set of brakes, and which should have been applied at the very onset of the outbreak.

However, the PAP Government had failed to apply this only set of brakes. Instead, the PAP Government reacted to crises as how a doctor would treat a patient with infection by observing the patient’s progress or regress before deciding on whether to enhance the medication or not. This means they did a gradual and systematic increase in the medication and its strength based on observation. This cannot be the way to prevent an importation of a viral outbreak that had turned pandemic.

The reaction should have been an initial close of Singapore’s borders and lockdown, which could then be gradually relaxed, but not the reverse. Has the Government got it all wrong ?!!!

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