PAP MPs Still Not Practicing Social Distancing In Their Walkabouts

Yesterday was an exceptionally alarming day for Singapore. Our announced new Covid-19 cases moved to an unequaled high of 54 cases with 48 of that number being imported cases.

On the off chance that our “remarkable PAP clerical Covid-19 task force” simply realizes how to keep doing what they are right now doing when it is presently obviously demonstrated that about 80% or a greater amount of our new cases are imported cases and they are not adequately handling Covid-19 on that front, it is just a short time before we see a 3 digit increment in new cases.

It is alarming when a video clip of PM Lee himself circulating hand sanitizer to a group crowding around him. Where was safe-distancing in this case even though he has to be more visible to the public at the time when the GE maybe upon us? Remember, this safe distancing thing has been preached by the Government themselves, yet here was the leader going around happily disregarding his own Government’s sound advice.

It is most extremely reeking of carelessness, insensitivity and unreliability when PAP MPs and Ministers, for example, Murali Pillay, Ann Sim, Indrani Rajah, Amy Khor, and Josephine Teo to name a few, that they thoughtlessly discarded their Singaporeans’ well being and security to the wind in their community events, or precursor to a GE walkabout. These are dangerous behaviours, no less because many unthinking and simple-minded citizens look up to them, trust them and even ape them. So, what about social distancing? Thrown out the window just because they want to score points with voters in the run-up to the GE?

At the point when political leaders acted so carelessly right now during the Covid-19 pandemic for their own selfish agendas, they should be in an exposed for their irresponsible behaviour, and strongly called out, shamed and denounced whatever their status in the public eye.

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