Can Politics Of Fear Still Work In Singapore?

In the past, they warned you that if you vote opposition, your estate’s HDB upgrading will be delayed, you’ll be in the back in the queue, they also threatened you with withdrawal of services – such as buses and kindergartens. They also alarmed you that voting opposition will mean rubbish piling 3 storeys high in your estate, investors will run away, “your women will become maids in other countries”.

All of these have either stopped or been proved untrue. Voting opposition put a stop to all these political nonsense.

So, what about now? What are they threatening you with now? Upgrading? Services? Investors run away?

Opposition wards get upgrading. Services continue. Investors did not run away, just look at Singapore since 2011 when WP won a GRC and held the most number of seats post independence.Investors continued to come here.

In fact, PM Lee even boasted about how he should get more billionaires to Singapore – and indeed we have now one of the highest concentration of billionaires (30) and millionaires (more than 100,000 at last count 3 years ago).

Voting opposition did not cause our women to become maids in other countries. On the contrary, voting more opposition into Parliament seems to have done wonders for Singapore!

So, what are the reasons not to vote opposition?

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