WP’s Yee Jenn Jong Questions How Elections Can Be Carried Out Fairly During COVID19

Workers’ Party politician Yee Jenn Jong has posted on his Facebook questioning how the authorities are going to carry out elections during the COVID19 situation. As the numbers of infected in Singapore keeps increasing by the day, and unfortunately even 2 deaths were reported, the situation does not seem to be improving any time soon.

So the reluctance of the PAP Ministers to rule out the General Elections from happening soon speaks volume to Singaporeans. it does seem that the GE would be happening, not in April 2021, but most likely during this year itself. As the COVID19 virus is not likely to disappear anytime soon, Yee ponders how elections can go on as per normal.

He wrote that he remembered when he was first introduced by the WP as a candidate back in 2011. He also reminisced that back then, it was in a small room, with about 30 reporters crammed in. He then questions “Then, with so many that will be on SHN and HQO how do you get them to go to the polling stations and how do you ensure less than 250 people will be at the polling stations and counting centres at all times. We also do not have any proven and tested systems for online or postal voting as yet. Rallies will definitely be impossible to keep within 250. And what will happen should a candidate be diagnosed with Covid-19 just before nomination day? All team members and election agents go on HQO? How to turn up on nomination day? The list of ‘what-ifs’ goes on.

We shall see how innovative the authorities can be to ensure safety for all of there is indeed to be a Covid-19 GE”.

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