Government Calls For Social Distancing, But Schools Still Not Closed

Singapore government’s call for social distancing appears to be a mere perfunctory political window dressing of the PAP as the government, by its own act and decision, reversing all efforts of such social distancing when school term is allowed to resume on 23 Mar 2020.

This also comes across as the government’s conceited arrogance through its total disregard for how students and teachers will have to travel in crowded public transport to make their way to and from schools, and also while they are in school. Is this not a contradiction of the government’s call for social distancing?

Of course, the government will have its excuses for all its paradoxes, but it should NEVER GAMBLE with lives just as it gambles with the use of its majority in parliament to flex its muscles in ways that suit it best. Conceit, arrogance and the coronavirus will lead to PAP’s own downfall by its own doing. To quote LKY: politics is not a game of cards; its about your life and mine.

AJ Ramachandran

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