Lim Tean Disgusted At PAP For Using COVID19 Situation To Their Advantage In Calling For GE

Opposition politician Lim Tean is echoing what every opposition politicians are saying, and what almost every Singaporeans know is true – that the PAP government is using the COVID19 uncertainty and goodwill to their advantage. By deciding to call the GE anytime soon around the period when the virus is spreading like wildfire all around the world, the PAP have been called irresponsible, conniving and now, disgusting.

Lim Tean started off his FB post by saying that “PAP Using Covid-19 Opportunity to Call Early Elections. Disgusting!” He then said that “The PAP vultures are circling Singaporeans hoping for carrion!” clearly indicating that the PAP is using the uncertainty the virus has put into Singaporeans’ lives to ensure they get a huge share of the votes in the GE, as after all, why change the government that is handling the situation now, as it will only mess up the process.

Lim Tean then commented “At a time when Singaporeans are scared, unsure, worried and financially insecure, this PAP government want to seize their chance to take the nation into an early GE! This is a gross dismissal of the uncertainty facing Singaporeans. Constitutionally we have a full year until we need to have a GE. So why now? They really want to burden the people at this time? They really think its a good idea to dissolve Parliament and head to the polls? What kind of leadership is that?

At a time when other countries are delaying their elections because of the pandemic, the PAP are calling for early elections! Unfathomable!”w

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