Chee Soon Juan Slams Murali For Green Lighting Gathering Of Elderly Folks For Dinner At His Ward

SDP chief Chee Soon Juan has slammed PAP MP for Bukit Batok, S Murali, for giving the green light to a grassroots dinner event for elderly folks at Bukit Batok. Chee said that the event layout means the elderly folks are seated close to one another, and thus, no social distancing was being practiced.

Chee also accused the PAP MP of not learning from the community spread of the SAFRA Jurong dinner, in which over 30 cases have been linked to it, the most in one cluster in Singapore. This also comes amidst the backdrop of PAP Ministers calling out those showing COVID19 symptoms and yet going out for social events as being socially irresponsible. And yet, we have a PAP MP who says it was ok for the event to carry on, despite not being in line with being socially responsible. Murali even said that all participants had their temperature taken and showed no signs of Covid19. Apparently, he did not get the memo of how something similar happened at the SAFRA Jurong dinner, and now that is the largest cluster in Singapore.

Chee’s had written his post on his own FB page: “I was alerted to this event called Active Ageing held last Sat, 7 March 2020 at Bt Batok. Why did Mr Murali gather together, or allow to be gathered, a hall of the elderly at a time when the spread of Covid-19 is at its most critical?

Note that the participants are seated close to one another and not practicing social distancing. And these are older people who are most vulnerable when it comes to such infection.

Mr Murali apparently learnt nothing from the surge of new infections coming from people who attended the dinner function at SAFRA Jurong in Feb. The MOH had said that the organisers of the event had been “socially irresponsible”.

Was Mr Murali being socially responsible? As the MP and leader of the community, he should have advised the organisers to cancel the function. He should have thought of the people first.

If an outbreak were to occur as a result of this occasion, all the residents at Bt Batok, and beyond, would be put at risk. Mr Murali has some explaining to do.”

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