DPM Heng Does Not Rule Out GE During Covid19, But Why Boundaries Report Still Not Out Yet?

Deputy PM and soon-to-be-PM Heng Swee Keat did not rule out having the GE during the height of the Covid19 period. Heng stated that the elections must be held before April 2021, and that he has been in constant discussions with PM Lee on when the GE will be called.

Seeing that the deadline of April 2021 is just about a year away, Heng said holding an election in the midst of the Covid-19 situation has not been ruled out. The current Covid19 situation does not look like abating anytime soon, in fact, it might have just gotten worse as countries as far away as Europe are reporting alarming number of affected people and deaths due to Covid19.

This has led to opposition WP member Yee Jenn Jong to question if the GE has to be held no matter what, then why is the Elections Department not released the EBRC report, even after months working on it. He also indicated that this was the best time to show that the Elections Department and the government are independent of each other. His FB post in full reads:

“Yes, it is not advisable to hold a GE in The midst of the fight against Covid-19.

However regardless of when the GE is to be held, it should not stop the Elections Department from issuing the EBRC report when ready. Already it has taken more than twice the average time to issue the report from the formation of the committee, and nearly 4 times as long as it took for them to do so in 2015. Surely the committee which comprises mostly of the same people as in 2015 cannot have suddenly become so unproductive.

The Elections Department and the EBRC have the perfect chance to show that they are independent. Let that be demonstrated.

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