Health Minister Points Blame At Individuals For Being Socially Irresponsible, But Is Govt Not Guilty Too?

In the latest press conference held by the Health Minister, some stats were thrown out to Singaporeans, the most glaring of all being that more than a fifth of the infected Covid19 cases had gone out while they were sick. This was MOH’s data, and Minister Gan Kim Yong subsequently labelled those people as socially irresponsible. His full take on the issue was that many of the locally transmitted cases were a result of the socially irresponsible actions of a few individuals.

Perhaps Mr Gan and his PAP comrades might want to look at themselves in the mirror too? No doubt, the government had done a lot to try to combat covid19, but that is really their jobs, to make Singaporeans feel safe in Singapore. Could the government have done more? Should they have been more pro-active instead of re-active?

It has been said by Singaporeans from all walks of life from day 1. SOCIAL DISTANCING. The government have been told about the closing the borders, asked about the church services, told to not allow ships, requested to close schools. All other countries that have taken a better turn, especially China, used the same lockdown tactics. Perhaps it would have been wise for us to follow them.

By virtue of the fact Singapore were No 1 outside of China for number of infections back in February, and China has stopped being as heavily infected when the virus first broke out due to their measures, Singapore should be the next to relinquish our position and resume our normal lives, if only we control the border and social gatherings.

Yet we are still getting new clusters, due to the church(one of the biggest) and the SAFRA Jurong Dinner cluster (we know who we should thank for) and now we see participants being thrown under the bus for attending those events. The organisers of course said that they were screened and assured to be safe and thus the event could carry on as per normal at the Community level. the results were not that normal, was it?

So now new measures of Social Distancing announced, as well as blaming individuals for being socially irresponsible. As usual, pushing the blame away from the authorities and putting the blame squarely on individuals. Different problems, same tactics. It is never the government’s fault.

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