Why Was Large Scale Events Still Held By PAP When The Advisory Was To Defer These Events?

This is something that most Singaporeans will not understand. The PAP Women’s Wing held a mass event on 7 March, exactly a month AFTER the Ministry of Health (MOH) advised against such large scale events.

While the MOH advisory also included advice on steps the organisers should take if they choose to go ahead with such events, it still makes me wonder why the ruling PAP party – whose Ministers have been calling on people to take appropriate and necessary measures to avoid spreading the coronavirus – why the PAP itself would not heed the MOH’s advice to err on the side of caution.

Was the mass event by the PAP Women’s Wing an “essential” event? Even our schools have suspended such large gatherings of children and students, and the cluster at SAFRA Jurong have proved that it is best not to hold such events at this time.

So, why aren’t the PAP and the PA heeding the govt’s own advice? And do note that the PAP Women’s Wing event was held EVEN AS NEWS OF THE SAFRA JURONG CLUSTER STARTED TO EMERGE.

How do we begin to understand why the PAP chose to go ahead with the event in such a time, when all evidence clearly shows that the event should have been deferred to another time. Can’t they wait? What is the hurry? Are the PAP trying to win votes in this time of medical uncertainty?

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