Lim Tean Takes Aim At Unnecessary Risk Taken By Organisers Of Private Event At SAFRA Jurong

Opposition politician Lim Tean has taken to his Facebook to post a scathing attack on the organisers of the “private function” at SAFRA Jurong, which has now accounted for 30 linked cases of the covid19, as well as a Merdeka generation event at Commonwealth MRT station over the weekend. He stated that both events were unnecessary, and called both the event organisers as irresponsible, for carrying on with events that puts people in mass gatherings when there is no need to.

In his FB post, Lim Tean said: “36 cases now from the SAFRA Jurong cluster! MOH still describes the gathering as a “private dinner”, although we now know that it was a mass gathering to celebrate CNY with Lohei thrown in, and singing too!

To have allowed the event to go on was the height of irresponsibility, as was the Merdeka Generation event, which was held next to the Commonwealth MRT station on Sunday.

Life cannot go on as normal during this period of time, despite what the PAP leaders have told Singaporeans. That is why Peoples Voice demanded from the outset that mass gatherings should be prohibited at this time. That means church services, temple activities and schools, amongst others must be suspended and also people encouraged to work from home.

A British Expert, Dr Richard Hatchett, who is leading the efforts to find a vaccine for the virus, has cautioned that schools are potentially amplifiers of the disease. And that is why the British are considering closing schools for up to 2 months if the Covid-19 situation in the country worsens. Hong Kong and Vietnam already closed their schools and so have the Italians in the most affected areas of the country.

In times like this, our authorities should be the ones setting a good example by disallowing mass gatherings. Alas, we have been badly let down by organisations such as the Peoples Association and the Health Promotion Board, who continue to organise mass events.”

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