Fake News Being Spread About Brad Bowyer Leaving PSP

Last week, some PAP IB FB pages made posts alleging that a prominent Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member, Mr Brad Bowyer, had quit the party. These PAP IB pages suggested that Brad Bowyer had left PSP because his official FB fan page was deleted, and Brad Bowyer was no longer seen wearing party colours. These pages continued to mock Brad Bowyer by calling him out as a party hopper, and accused him of leaving the party because he could not achieve certain political ambitions.

However, our anonymous sources debunked such fake news from these FB pages about Brad Bowyer quitting the party.. In fact they reaffirmed he remains a valued PSP member. They explained that Brad Bowyer had deleted his FB fan page simply because he does not want to be in the limelight at this moment.

Back in July 2019, Brad Bowyer announced he had joined PSP, stating that “It is time Singapore stopped regressing and started PROGRESSING again. I am proud to be part of this movement.” It is unfortunate that he has become a victim of fake news from these PAP IB FB pages.

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