What Is The Status Of Our SAF Soldiers Deployed In Iraq And Afghanistan?

SAF and NS have been in the news these past few days, thanks in no small part to the Government’s announcement in Parliament that they will increase the allowance given to all those serving their NS. There was also a slew of measures announced to enhance safety processes for our soldiers, as well as securing and development of new overseas training facilities to enable our troops to train in much more realistic environments that Singapore can never have and the beefing up of our cyber defence force among others.

All these rightly seen as the right moves to further improve our SAF, although the timing of all these good news cannot be more coincidental in the lead up to the next General Elections. Remember, the elections must be held by April 2021, so there is just one more year to go for the government to release all the chicken wings on Singaporeans.

Yet, it does seem puzzling that there had been no updates thus far of our SAF troops who had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Are there still there? How many of them had actually been sent over to help the US in efforts to counter terrorism in those countries?

As citizens of Singapore, we should demand our Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen to properly update and account to Parliament and Singaporeans the well-being and safety of our troops out there. How many have we sent over the years, are we increasing or decreasing our troop strength there, their duties and roles there and did all our soldiers come home alive and in one piece or how many casualties, fatal and non-fatal, have we suffered so far etc.

If our troops involvements there isn’t anything to worry about, can the government gives a guarantee to all Singaporeans that our soldiers will come home alive and in one piece?

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