Lee Wei Ling: LKY Signaled Finality Of His Will, To Think So Would Be Daft

Dr Lee Wei Ling has taken to Facebook once again to voice out her thoughts on Lee Kuan Yew, where she firmly said LKY had full control of his own will, and that he alone had signaled the finality of his will. Lee Wei Ling then took a dig at AGC, who is pursuing the case against Lee Suet Fern for claims that she misled LKY on his will, by indicating that to think LKY is not in control of his own will is daft.

On her Facebook page, Lee Wei Ling wrote “after signing his final will in 2013, Lee Kuan Yew independently drafted and executed an amendment to the will (a codicil) which referenced the final will. Of course he knew exactly what he was doing.

Lee Kuan Yew then informed Kwa Kim Li, his lawyer, and his 3 children and daughters-in-law. He forwarded, through his PA, the entire correspondence relating to his signing of his final will, with a new heading – “Last Will & Testament & Codicil” –

“As instructed by Mr Lee, we will retain the original copy of Mr Lee’s last Will & Testament and Codicil in my office for safekeeping, and send a copy to Ms Kwa Kim Li for her record.”

This was the one and only occasion when my father wrote to Kwa Kim Li, his children and their spouses on his will in this manner. He included the entire correspondence leading up to the signing of the will. Through all this and the new heading, he signalled finality on the matter of his will. To think otherwise is daft.”

Of course, the words of the daughter of LKY herself would not change the AGC’s stance of LKY being misled by Lee Suet Fern.

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